Dorsa Gene Bakhtar

Name : Dorsa Gene Bakhtar
CEO : Mohamad Hosein Salimi
Tel : 024-3373915
Mobile : 09129430701
Email :
Company activities :
  • Dorsa Gene Bakhtar Company was established in 2017 with the cooperation of the University of Zanjan and the Agricultural Jihad Organization in presence of the professors in the University of Zanjan with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the local sheep in a research survey. Until 2012 the design was performed on the research herd in the University of Zanjan with the central idea of transfering genome multiplication on a totally limited populatioon. Having observbed the positive results, the product was commercialized and the modified rams were sold and modificational services, consulting and laborato- ry services were applied on the herds of the Agricultural Jihad Organization and then on the other agro-industrial companies. The company has recently aimed at expanding its activities and production at a higher quality by producing better research stations in the outskirts of Zanjan and the new idea of transfering the other reproduction properties.