Admission Conditions in R&D stage

  • The research and development unit has an official research and development license from the Ministry of Industries, approved by the highest authority in the organization's charter. It is a registered private company affiliated with the parent organization.
  • Having an approved work plan within the parent organization for research and development.
  • Defining the focus of research and development activities in line with the main activities of the parent organization.
  • Having a minimum of two full-time personnel with a bachelor's degree or higher, and their provision and support by the parent organization for deployment.
  • Conducting the majority of research and development activities, including studies, calculations, modeling, and possibly prototyping and testing, on the park premises (allocation of space in the park is solely for acceptable business and communication activities and does not justify the continued presence of the research and development unit).
  • Having suitable financial circulation within the parent organization.
  • Support from the parent organization for the research and development unit.
  • Introducing the intended research project for implementation in the first year.