Samin Metals Mineral Processing Engineering

Name : Samin Metals Mineral Processing Engineering
CEO : Sara Jalili
Tel : 024-33145205
Mobile : 09193473765
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Company activities :
  • Samin Metals Processing Engineering Company ( SAMIN ) is a leading and knowledge-based company in the field of smartening, simplification and innovation in technology of mineral processing methods, low-grade mineral tailings, slags, petrochemical and electronic wastes in which by using Innovative method and creating added- vales in Compliance with environmental requirements and using low-water and portable technologies and equipment, started its activities from a start-up company in 2019, and due to the successful implementation of pilot and semi-industrial projects in Zanjan province in Iran in which produced cobalt and its derivatives out of zinc processing companies waste, now has entered into larger areas of Mining Market as an innovative mineral processing company to produce precious minerals and metals such as Nickel, Cobalt, Manganese, Gold, Silver and Rare Earth Elements from a very beginning of sampling and analysis of waste behavior, feasibility study, design, construction and operation to the very end of production of the final product in the processing process at national and international level.