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Dr. Khavandkar     The IASBS Science & Technology Park invites researchers, practitioners and academics to actualize their ideas, research findings, work in progress, inventions and conceptual advances in any branch of the science and any field of the business real work place. The IASBS Science & Technology Park brings together varied groups of techno science stakeholders with different perspectives, experiences and knowledge in one techno science synergic location. It aims to help practitioners find ways of putting research into practice and researchers to gain an understanding of real-world problems, needs and aspirations.
     The IASBS Science & Technology Park located in Zanjan-Iran, Situated on the cross point of Zagros and Alborz mountains chains in the Mideast. Zanjan is a city on the Eurasia road so there are more ancient and modern buildings. The city is known for its multi aspect culture and heritage of Islam, Iran and Turk culture and vibrant/modern cultural life.
     The IASBS Science & Technology Park offers an environment and facilities where innovative businesses can collaborate with each other and with educational and R&D institutions, giving everyone involved the opportunity to attain new limits. Innovation means more than just the introduction of something new. It means the exploration of new ideas or a change that brings about a new dimension of performance. This is the philosophy behind Techno Park, to be at the epicentre of knowledge, where new business ideas can be translated into real industrial developments. Techno Park looks beyond today, creating the opportunity to reach past what we already know, into the future of technological innovation.
     The IASBS Science & Technology Park, which you can call it your office, your home, your playground, your own personal space, or call it your dream destination! The IASBS Science & technology Park is the ultimate place to be. Enveloped in an awe-inspiring ambience, offers a one-stop solution to all your business needs related to IT, BT and NT and the other fields of science based businesses. Spread over nearly 30 hectares with 80000 sq. meters potential buildings and 5000 sq. meters built-up space available currently, hosts over 36 techno based companies owned by 200 technologists, employing over 250 professionals, including IT, ICT,BT, Electronic, Energy, Geo, Mining and consulting certified companies.
     The IASBS Science & Technology Park offers a unique confluence of advantages, not found in free business sphere in Iran – accessible and suitable physical infrastructure, power and data connectivity; flexible regulatory framework; incentives and the scientific environment in Iran. All this at effectively will be offered for techno biz enterprises.
     The IASBS Science & Technology Park's vision is to provide a holistic enabling environment to make knowledge industry intrinsically competitive and world class.
     The single window service at Techno Park ensures that the procedure for setting up a company in Techno Park will be rapid.
     The IASBS Science & Technology Park is one of the leading parks in the country. Designed to international standards, commenced operations in 2003 and today, it has become one of the advanced parks in the country with cutting edge facilities across all spectrums of Techno business needs located in IASBS beautiful campus. The IASBS Science & technology Park as part of the hub and spoke model of development will expand its activities to Abhar, khodabandeh, Khorramdareh, tarum and other parts of zanjan province.
     The success story of Techno park's Incubation activities goes back to the early part of this decade when Techno Park gave birth to a new initiative called Zanjan ICT Incubator in 2003. With the constant support of the Government and academia, this new initiative was started to incubate Business Enterprises.
     Following this success story, Techno park started the high level services in 2010, a pioneering initiative funded by the Government that provides incubation support to budding entrepreneurs in the knowledge driven enterprises as a joint initiative of Science and Government in Iran. Zanjan ICT Incubator is registered as a stabilized incubator on Jan 2009 under the qualification of Iran Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.
     Future of high technology industry largely depends on producing innovative products and services at competitive prices. Great ideas will remain on paper if an environment with the right conditions is not provided at the right time. Time to market is very short and the window of opportunity does not last long in today's global business environment. Quality entrepreneurs who choose to set shop in Techno Park need to be given the best enabling conditions for converting their innovative ideas into smashing commercial successes.
     Essential operational support services such as security, reception service, telephone operator service, photo-copying, etc. shall be provided by Techno park as part of the package, with nominal charges being levied extra in some cases while the rest being included in the package.
     In addition, essential business support services including business consulting and advisory services applicable right from the stage of company formation shall be provided. Again, a service charge may be levied as appropriate for different services. Techno Park’s endeavor in any case shall be to minimize costs for the incubated company.
     Incubation centre has a panel of consultants in a varied areas; technical consultants, management consultants, accounting consultants, legal consultants, marketing consultants, training and quality consultants, and provided office space in the incubation centre to set up R&D / business operations with finished office space with air-conditioning, power supply, networking, reception and lobby area, discussion room, conference room pantry area and common security.
     The selection of entrepreneurs for membership will be based on the recommendation of an expert committee specifically set up for the purpose regarding business activity, advanced technology, partnership capability, business plan, employment potential, revenue generation potential, export earning potential, viability and growth criteria. The expert committee will assess this through personal interview, review of past activities, background check, references etc.
     We are a centre for new technology, where ideas become reality, training creates excellence and research unearths new understanding. We invite you to explore our website to find out more and we’d love to hear from you if you wish to ask us a question about Zanjan IASBS Science & Technology Park.

      Dr Jalil Khavandkar
      Science and Technology Park,Founder
      Institute for Advanced Studies in Basic Sciences
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