Pre Incubation

Activity : Processing and extracting licorice root with high purity
Activity : Parto Shimi Vira laboratory company was established in 1401 with the aim of preparing and producing food and pharmaceutical raw materials. At first, this company was active as a technology core in the Zanjan Science and Technology Park and in the field of producing edible sweeteners, and in 1402, it continues its activity in the same park under the name of Parto Shimi Vira. This company operates by simplifying the process of synthesis and production of sweeteners, innovation in the production process, and complying with environmental requirements. The most important products of this company are maltodextrin, bromoethane (pharmaceutical grade) and sodium sulfate. Also, laboratory studies in the field of production of other imported raw materials in the field of chemicals and pharmaceuticals on a laboratory and semi-pilot scale are among the other activities of Parto Shimi Vira.
Name : OrthoGame
Activity :
Name : Arya IT
Activity : Our company offers intelligent services such as offline and online reservation systems, automation, accounting, and inventory management. Our fields of expertise are : • Designing and implementing intelligent offline and online reservation, automation, accounting, and inventory systems. • Designing websites, web services, and web applications using the latest technique.
Activity : Production of precious metal extraction line & localization of modern processing technologies and temperature and pressure reactor
Activity :